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Shearer must unlock mix to beat Key (Tracy Watkins, Stuff)

David Shearer won’t get the luxury of three years to prove himself like his predecessor, Phil Goff. But he will have the luxury of a honeymoon, which is something Mr Goff never got.

He must not squander it. The Labour leadership contest has created more interest in the party than any of the policies it pitched on the campaign trail.

If Mr Shearer is serious about reforming the party – inevitably a bloody process – he will need the Cunliffe camp with him, not against him.

But none of that was why the Shearer camp were celebrating last night. For the first time in many years, they finally believe they have found a match to John Key.

Annette King may run for Wellington mayoralty (Stuff)

Now this is a campaign I would love to be involved with…

Wellington city councillor Paul Eagle, who stood on a Labour ticket during local body elections, said Mrs King had been asked by “lots of people” if she would stand in 2013.

“It’s not something she’s been open about … but in saying that, she’d make a wonderful mayor. She’s hugely popular across the political spectrum.”

David Shearer’s fresh start – 1) Keep it real (Tim Watkin, Pundit)

The new leader says he wants Labour to be “a party of ideas”, and so he should. He will need a big idea sooner rather than later which represents his values and identity and says something about this “fresh” Labour party – as JFK introduced the Peace Corp, given Shearer’s background he should be looking for something representative of practical service and generosity.

But big airy fairy ideas would be poison. Labour’s job now is to keep it real. And to grab a few ideas from National, to show it can reconnect with the centre.

Interestingly enough, the Peace Corps idea was something that Young Labour have toyed with for years.

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