“Put childcare at heart of Labour’s agenda”

Labour’s children’s policy may not have resonated with the New Zealand public, but it looks like someone noticed it.

From the UK political think tank Progress

Britain faces a major fiscal sustainability challenge over the coming years, exacerbated by the chancellor’s failure to secure growth and get unemployment down. This means all political parties will be faced by the reality of significant fiscal constraint. However, one way they will signal their differences is in the choices they make about how to allocate scarce resources. In this context, the centre-left should prioritise spending which helps families with the cost of living and boosts jobs and growth in the long term. And it is hard to think of something that meets these criteria more directly than high quality, affordable childcare and early years services.

For all these reasons, progress towards universal childcare – including the tough spending decisions that will be necessary – should be near the top of any future centre-left agenda.

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