Shearer’s first speech

Well I’m impressed. His speech is packed full of good stuff. The stand for me was the way he’s using the appointment of the front bench to show that he’s got an idea of where he wants Labour, and ultimately New Zealand, to be…

Labour will grasp the mantle of economic leadership. We will look to expand opportunity for all New Zealanders, wherever they are born or whoever they are born to.

We must build an economy that produces good jobs and decent incomes.

That generates wealth and opportunity, without sacrificing our natural assets, our lifestyles or our communities.

That’s why I’m taking science and innovation.
That’s why I’m giving to our most senior spokespeople:
economic development, and small business, and regional development, and skills and training, and also environment and education…all on the front bench.

They’re all part of the same vision – to create the growing New Zealand we want, that will be clean, green and innovative.



3 thoughts on “Shearer’s first speech”

  1. Well delivered speech. Think that more passion could be put in, maybe this would be helped by the labour MP’s supporting. A few more “here here’s”?

    1. I agree – the delivery was far from the train wreck some were predicting.

      John Key’s follow up sounded shrill. It sure hasn’t taken long for Shearer to get under Key’s skin.

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