Shearer’s message resonating already…

From Fran O’Sullivan in the Herald

…David Shearer’s first speech as Labour leader in Parliament this week resonated when we discussed it around the breakfast table on Thursday.

Shearer said that a beautiful place isn’t enough to hold our young here. “That won’t bring the most talented to live here – just to visit. We need innovation, exciting businesses and real opportunities.”

Shearer pointed to a New Zealand known the world over for smart thinking and really smart businesses taking the world by storm.

A New Zealand that is compassionate towards those who need a hand up, that is independent and makes up its own mind on global issues based on its own values.

This is just the kind of visionary message that New Zealanders need to hear – that Labour, under its new leadership, is not going to simply focus on class warfare and the politics of envy; that it does want to grow the economic pie and not simply slice it up into ever diminishing pieces; and that when it does ultimately make it back to Government, it will have a plan.

In the meantime, Shearer was happy to support innovative Government policies and work in a bi-partisan fashion on stuff that matters.

I’m sure John Key and his Government also wish they had the luxury of being able to focus on New Zealand’s long-term future.

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