Morning reading

Just the Ticket (Bill Keller, NY Times)

Keller argues that Obama must ditch Joe Biden in favour of Hillary Clinton in order to win in 2012. Well worth a read.

New Year’s resolutions for Labour (Luke Akehurst, Progress)

A really interesting piece about what UK Labour, and it’s individual members should resolve to do in the new year. My personal favourite:

Refound your local Labour party.  We passed a sensible and comprehensive package of organisational reforms at annual conference. They won’t get implemented on the ground unless local activists pick them up and run with them. Has your CLP started recruiting people to the supporters’ network yet? Has it looked at campaigning best practice from Oxford, Barking and Birmingham Edgbaston and tried to emulate it locally? No one is going to do this for you.

Did Jon Huntsman Attack Himself with Racist Ad to Salvage His Failed Campaign? (Rachel Maddow)

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