Shape the Future – Pro-amalgamation lobby launches

A lobby group who are pursuing the idea of local government amalgamation, Shape Our Future, have just launched their website.

It’s a pretty open and honest account, with links to tons of information. They even have a list of people who are supporting the cause, and you’re able to add your name.

It’s going to be interesting to see where this goes, I imagine it is going to be an issue that gets plenty of coverage in the next few years.

For the record: I’m currently undecided on the issue. I can certainly see some benefits, but I do have concerns about representation.

3 thoughts on “Shape the Future – Pro-amalgamation lobby launches”

  1. I don’t see a great deal of value in a full amalgamation like Auckland has. Wellington seems to be divided already into quite logical communities (the Hutt likes being governed in quite a different way to Wellington City.) More regional integration around transport wouldn’t be a bad thing but it seems like that is coming in the next transport plan.

  2. Agree with Rob there. Geography means most services will be self contained within the council area, with the only fuzzy council boundary being between Tawa and porirua. I think a Wellington Transport organisation is definitely worth looking at though. Am cynical about the transport plans achieving a real shift that is required when city council generally can’t spend their money on public transport.

    Having shared funding streams between road and public transport would help alot.
    Also maybe a stronger regional planning focus. However Auckland should not be a model with their very weak local boards.

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