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Political Legacy (Kāituhituhi Howard Keene, Te Karaka)

A very interesting profile of Labour’s new MP for Te Tai Tonga in the latest edition of the Ngai Tahu magazine, Te Karaka. Tirikatene reveals…

Why the Labour Party?

“I think everything I’ve done career-wise has been to try and help people. Now it’s just gone to another level.

“People often say ‘you’ve worked in the business area wouldn’t you be more National?’. Labour is not anti-business at all. We’re very pro-business and growing the economy, but we just want to make sure growing the economy benefits everybody.

“I’ve got a strong sense of social justice. From a young age I’ve just really wanted to help people.”

Diary (Hugh Muir, The Guardian)

Muir had this to say on the difference between what the Greens do and what they say in his latest Guardian column…

And with Labour flip-flopping over pay freezes and cuts, thank god for the Greens, and a measure of consistency. They refuse to shake the dead hand of austerity. Unless they are in power. Then who knows? Certainly there is confusion in Brighton, where they’ve watched party leader Caroline Lucas standing with the Occupy protesters at St Paul’s and attacking government austerity measures on Question Time, but where they also see her acolytes on the city council pushing ahead with cuts of £35m. Members don’t like it. “It is particularly disturbing to learn that Green party councillors in Brighton and Hove intend to proceed with budget plans that will cut millions of pounds from local services,” said a statement from Green Left. “The first Green-led council should be drawing up a budget which not only defends existing service provision but which also reverses the cuts made by previous councils.” Better opposition than this, they say, but there’s no sign of a U-turn. Always respect to be gained taking the tough decisions. Look at the Lib Dems.

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