Morning Reading

I wasn’t sure if this was a feature worth continuing. Then I read the news this morning…

Brownlee sorry for Bob Parker ‘clown’ outburst (Paul Harper, NZ Herald and Newstalk ZB)

Oh nothing major here, just the Earthquake recovery minister calling the mayor of Christchurch a clown. Lets not forget this was a mayoral candidate the Nats backed…

PM Key’s radio show referred to police (Stuff)

No one who’s actually worked with electoral law will be particularly surprised by this, but despite getting a free pass from the Broadcasting Standards Authority, the Electoral Commission have decided that John Key’s free hour of advertising on RadioLive a month out from the election constituted a breach of the Electoral Act, and it has been referred to the police.

SkyCity conference project back on Joyce radar (John Dirinnan, NZ Herald)

So the Government wants a new conference facility in Auckland. Here is how they’ve decided to get it done:

The Government is easing gambling regulations and allowing more gambling capacity in return for SkyCity building a new conference centre near its Auckland casino.

This is just astonishing. Cronyism at it’s worst.

In the past Cameron Slater, David Farrar etc have described Labour as being the ‘nasty’ party. Looking at today’s headlines you really have to wonder which party the word ‘nasty’ would best describe…


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