Kevin Rudd’s resignation – first thoughts

I do follow Australian politics reasonably closely, closely enough to know that it is a complicated beast that is not easily understood from the outside.

In light of the resignation of the foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, I’ve made contact with a few of my comrades in the ALP to get their view on things. Hopefully I’ll be getting a few different perspectives coming through in the next few hours and days. The first person I’ve spoken with, will be working on a more complete analysis, but feels this is an adequate first response:

In the mean time I believe this statement would fairly represent myself and my party colleagues:
“Dear Australian Media: Fuck you”
Having suffered three years of the New Zealand media undermining Phil Goff’s leadership, the ALP have my complete sympathy at this time.
We’ll be keeping you informed…

1 thought on “Kevin Rudd’s resignation – first thoughts”

  1. A few thoughts:

    Paraphrasing a quote from a Labor backbencher: “We were silenced while the front bench were allowed to take unnecessary swings at Kevin Rudd. What do they think will happen.”

    It’s interesting to locate their positioning within party reform. Gillard’s very much the status quo candidate and Rudd is the ‘take power from the faceless men’.

    Also, now he now holds all the cards. In the last week things had gotten out of his hands. He wasn’t able to control the discussion and half of Rudd’s “challenge” was done by media and people who weren’t close to him. Now he can claim the high ground, regroup and if so be it he can run a leadership campaign from the backbenchers. Surely he’s been planning it. Nothing more dramatic than resigning at midnight in another country and then he’ll be un contactable on a 20hr flight. And he announced he’d make an announcement next week about his future. He’s building attention and momentum.

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