Leadership battle may be helping the ALP

Contrary to what you may think, the current leadership battle in the Australian Labor Party may in fact be helpful.

Roy Morgan have released the first poll since the saga began, and it shows the ALP significantly closing the gap with Tony Abbot’s Liberal Party, up 3%.

When you think about it though, it’s not too surprising. Both Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd have given some of the best performances of their careers. They are getting 24/7 media coverage. Even regular events are now becoming like the best sort of political rallies. From the excellent ABC Live Blog

The ABC’s Guy Stayner reports from Melbourne that PM Julia Gillard received a rock star’s welcome from Australian Services Union members at a morning tea to celebrate Fair Work Australia’s recent equal pay ruling. He says Ms Gillard posed for photos with union delegates and teenagers supported by the Melbourne City Mission, which hosted the morning tea. She left the celebration to chants of “Julia Julia”. We’ll post a photo ASAP.

3 thoughts on “Leadership battle may be helping the ALP”

  1. Could it be that some swinging voters in this poll have been lured back by the thought of Kevin Rudd being back in charge? Certainly though, Labor have had a monopoly on air time, and to a certain extent the old saying “all publicity is good publicity” may be true.

    Both leadership contenders have been talking up their achievements and plans which may have helped counter the huge amounts of vitriol that have been circulating.

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