Shearer hits out on asset sales

David Shearer gave a speech to Grey Power yesterday, hitting out at the shambles that is the government’s sale of state owned assets. The government is very quickly losing control of this issue…

From Stuff

Shearer attacked the Government’s estimates of the revenue asset sales would generate, saying when first touted, the partial sales were estimated to raise $10 billion.

”Then it was $6.6 billion, then about $6 billion. Then last week [Finance Minister)] Bill English admitted they were just ‘guessing’ at what the sale price would be.

”It’s the sort of shambles you’d expect to see at a backyard garage sale not when you’re selling off our nation’s valuable assets.”

The Government plans to sell up to 49 per cent of state-owned energy companies Mighty River Power, Genesis, Meridian and Solid Energy and further reduce its shareholding in Air New Zealand.

He’s also hit out at critics of his leadership style.

I’m not the kind of leader who believes in rival tribes playing ‘gotcha’, where bickering and partisanship are prized. Of course that’s what a lot of people look for. They want to score the game, give points for the best smart remark in Parliament. But that’s not what most New Zealanders want.

Great stuff.

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