Shearer’s new New Zealand

David Shearer gave his first major speech as leader of the opposition this morning. I may be a little biased on these matters, but even the most seasoned political journalists were impressed. John Armstrong’s column was particularly illuminating…

David Shearer’s first big speech as Labour leader does the trick. It does what was expected of it. It contains enough hints of the direction he will be taking the party – and that direction is firmly towards the centre.

Today’s speech will be fleshed out in more detail in ones to follow in coming weeks, however.

A new leader has to start somewhere. Shearer delayed doing so until he felt that he had got things right. The wait was worth it. Today’s speech is the perfect antidote to last year’s electoral disaster. It marks a new beginning for Labour. It’s game-on from here on.

You can read the full speech or watch the entire video on the Labour website. Here is a shortened version…

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