Dystopian campaign ads

We don’t often see negative campaign ads in New Zealand, at least not anywhere near the scale that you get in the US.

Slate have done a fantastic article on dystopian ads – where they advertiser portrays the potential disasters electing their opponent will create. The whole article is worth checking out, but this brilliant one from Rick Santorum is quite special…

Obamaville is a place where all the women are terrified, all the men are oppressed, and all the gas prices are above average. It’s the setting of the most popular Rick Santorum commercial of all time; half a million YouTube clicks for a video set in a dark, dramatically edited 2014.  Santorum isn’t the first candidate to try to scare Americans into voting for him. There’s a history here, a rich tradition of ads from candidates who predict doom if they don’t win. These candidates, being desperate, usually lose. America endures. But the ads keep coming anyway.

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