Labour’s Organisational Review

Labour’s President, Moira Coatsworth, yesterday issued an update on the progress of the organisational review. The party’s New Zealand Council have endorsed a raft of changes, some of which seem to take the form of little more than policy or ideas, and some which have become potential amendments to the party constitution. I’ve spent a few hours so far going through the documents, there certainly is a lot to take in.

Almost all of the coverage of the review, and the discussion I’ve heard in the party has focussed on the change in the way the party selects its leader. I’m going to do something a bit different and take a closer look at the other aspects of the review, which may go under the radar.

The documents are all available on Labour’s review webpage. In short, they are:

A one page summary document.

The full review recommendations.

The proposed constitutional amendments. (and for good measure, you can also download the constitution as it stands now).

The deadline for any substantive feedback on the proposed rule changes is August 31st.

Also, if there are any readers out there who want to have a say publicly, I’m willing to host any well thought out responses to the review recommendations in the form of guest posts. Just contact me.

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