Where the battle for Chch East was won

I’m a little late to this, but it has already been extensively covered before. In short, Labour achieved a massive victory in the Christchurch East by-election. Poto Williams proved to be an outstanding candidate, and was back by an incredibly formidable campaign team in Jim Anderton and Hayden Munro, and a huge number of other talented and dedicated volunteers from all over the country.

Rob Salmond has already done a great job of looking at the results, and in particular, I’d like to congratulate him for predicting the turnout so well!

I’ve had a very brief look at the results and pulled together the following map to visualise the results. The colour of the dot indicates the strength of the swing (the redder it is the more of a swing towards Labour, the bluer, the stronger the swing against Labour). The size of the dots indicate the total number of votes cast.

You can click on the dots to get the details of the booth, including swing, votes cast and booth name. You’ll see huge swings all over the electorate where Poto managed to significantly improve over Lianne Dalziel’s vote. This really shows how impressive the win was.

The one blue dot, in Shirley, shows a swing of just over 5% away from Labour. I have no idea what either of the campaigns were doing in that suburb, but I’m sure both will be closely evaluating it now!

Update: If you’re having trouble viewing the map please try refreshing the page or viewing it via this link.

Chch East Swing Map

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