Greens fail to rejuvenate


The Greens are the first party in New Zealand to release their party list for 2014. You can read it here. Given all of their MPs will be elected as list MPs, it’s advantageous for them to get this out of the way asap.

It is a very conservative list – they’ve opted to upset as few people as possible with it. None of their existing MPs have decided (or been forced) to retire and while there has been some minor rearrangements in the order of their 14 MPs, only one new candidate has been slotted in above sitting MPs.

Their press release puts some lovely spin on it though. You see, given they’re aiming to get 15% of the party vote, which would equate to about 20 seats. It’s nice and aspirational, but they obviously don’t put much belief in it, given with only one exception, their new candidates are all ranked above 15.

The Polity poll-of-polls shows the Greens currently hovering at 11.8% – marginally above where they polled in 2011. This would get them roughly 15 MPs, and their only new MP would be a white middle class male.

So nice work on the spin Greens, but this really is the most conservative list you’ve produced in years.

2 thoughts on “Greens fail to rejuvenate”

  1. Don’t quite agree with this article. The party has a large number of first term MPs so there is less need for it to rejuvenate (especially compared with Labour). That being said I am disappointed to see Marama Davidson and Barry Coates so low in the list (who are both more deserving of a high place than James Shaw for example). Denise Roche should also be higher.

  2. You realise the Green list is determined democratically by the wider party right?

    This not a strategic failure, just counting votes as usual.

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