Two important changes to my Election Forecast

I’ve made two changes to my Election Forecast.

Firstly, I’ve managed to import all the UMR polling data that has been released into the public domain, going back to January this year (though polls older than 90 days will have no impact on the forecast). Given they are polling at least fortnightly I’m really hoping their results continue to be released.

Note that UMR polls don’t release numbers for ACT, Maori Party, United Future or any other minor parties.

I’ve also fixed a bug that was impacting the weightings. The impact of this will be that the forecast will be more heavily impacted by newer, bigger polls. Older and smaller polls won’t have as much of a factor in the result. While it wasn’t my intention, this means the forecast will start to show the impacts of the Jacinda Ardern affect sooner.

Bring on more polls!

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