My contribution on the scope of Labour’s review

To the Labour Party’s New Zealand Council,

I am writing in response to Moira’s email asking for feedback on the potential scope and format for the upcoming Labour review.
Rather than lay out any particular plan, which I have every confidence the council will be able to do for themselves, I felt it would be best if I highlighted some particular things I would like the council to consider.
  • The review must have as wide a scope as possible. Every aspect of what we do must be up for examination.
  • The review needs to be totally inclusive. Every member of the party needs to be able to provide feedback, and be listened to. From the leader and party president, to members who haven’t been to a branch meeting in a decade, to members who have joined in the last year but never been engaged in the party.
  • We must also seek out feedback and assistance from outside the party. We must look to our sister parties overseas, many of whom have very recently completed similar reviews, and also to other organisations and specialists in this field.
  • Set out a clear process and timeline. We may very well be able to chalk up some quick wins, but I have no doubt that this review will address some far deeper issues that will take time and debate to work through. We need to embrace this challenge.
Thank you again for the opportunity to provide ideas around the review process – I really look forward to contributing more in the near future.
With regards
Patrick Leyland

2 thoughts on “My contribution on the scope of Labour’s review”

    1. Fair enough though – my first draft was also very long. I decided to cut it back though as most of it was more about what I wanted to see rather than *how* I thought it should happen.

      As an aside, could you please send me a copy of your submission – I’m very keen to read it.

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