Shearer’s first steps

David Shearer has given his first press conference as leader, and done a very fine job indeed.

He talks about reforming and uniting the party. Growing our membership and growing our relevance to New Zealand. We need to be clean, green and smart. Just what we need.

John Pagani notes David’s plans to celebrate

But he’s one of us, too. Tonight he is not going out celebrating or plotting down at the Green Parrot in hallowed capital tradition.

He’s taking his son to the Foo Fighters. His son had to scrimp and save to buy his ticket, because you have to earn your rewards.

Shearer is not an ordinary politician.

Very cool.

Chris Hipkins has been elected chief whip, a very well deserved promotion. He already knows what he’s got to do…

Everyone of our 34 MPs has got a really important role to play. We don’t have a lot of room for people to be disgruntled. So, it’s going to be really important that everyone pulls their weight, gets behind the leadership team and makes it happen.

And the most unexpected comment comes from former leader Phil Goff…

Goff said he still had ”no thought at all” of forcing a by-election by standing down from his Mt Roskill seat.

”And my current intention would be to run again for Parliament in 2014. I’m a young man.”

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