Shearer’s opening moves

A must read post by Lew on Kiwipolitico about David Shearer’s first moves. At the crux of it, in the words of the Carpenters, we’ve only just begun.

The job’s not even started yet; there’s much to do and much ground to gain, the bones of which have been sketched out in two epochal posts by Jordan Carter, here and here. Other important questions, like whether David Cunliffe’s abilities will be adequately used, remain — but I am very encouraged by what I have seen.

Interestingly enough, John Key has already moved to reject Shearer’s call for all parties in Parliament to be included in the committee on poverty…

“John Key has indicated he is finally prepared to address the issue of poverty and will set up a ministerial committee. I call on him to be brave and open that committee up to all political parties,” Mr Shearer said.

“I want to be on it and to have the chance to offer my expertise to help us deal with the problem.”

However, when asked about the idea today, Mr Key did not seem keen.

This reminds me so much of Key’s job summit. It was conduced with much pomp and ceremony, but achieved nothing. My (cynical) prediction: this committee on poverty will not include those it needs to, and it’s going to achieve nothing at all.

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