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Feltham and Heston byelection (UK Labour List)

The Labour Party have retained the seat of Feltham and Heston in a byelection, with a swing of 8% from the Conservative Party. Labour List have a few articles on it. Check out Malhotra becomes Labour’s Newest MP and 5 things we learned in Feltham and Heston.

The world according to David Shearer (Dominion Post)

After barely two and a half years as an MP David Shearer was catapulted into the leadership of the Labour party this week. His history as an aid worker, including gongs for bravery, has been splashed across the headlines. But Fairfax Media’s political team set out to fill in the gaps by talking to the man, his former teachers and friends and those who worked with him in some of the world’s worst trouble spots.

David Shearer: Battle-hardened in the war zones (Derek Cheng, NZ Herald)

He says anyone who questions Shearer’s negotiating skills should review his history of dealing with the armed, desperate and irrational. For half an hour Shearer talked to the gunman through an interpreter before the man let them go, embarrassed to have terrified them.

It is Shearer’s two decades as a humanitarian worker on the frontlines – first for the Save the Children Fund, then for the United Nations – that have come to the fore in the weeks leading to his win this week in Labour’s leadership vote.

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