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Questions over Waitakere vote (Kathryn Powley, NZ Herald)

Evidence of dodgy voting has emerged in the battle for Waitakere. A judge has found nine people voted twice and 393 people voted despite not being on the electoral roll.

The issue here is not quite what it seems. The nine people who double voted have well and truly broken the law, and should be punished appropriately.

However, the situation of the 393 who were not on the roll is different. I’m sure all of them thought they were properly enrolled. Because of the way our voting system works, they get to cast a special vote anyway, however they will never find out that they are not properly enrolled and therefore their vote does not count. It’s an issue that we need to get sorted out.

National president flying the flag (Chloe Johnson, NZ Herald)

National Party president Peter Goodfellow has been labelled pretentious for flying the New Zealand flag from the bonnet of his ex-ministerial BMW – the prerogative of the Governor-General or the Queen when she visits.

I think ‘pretentious’ is putting it mildly.

I’ve just been internalizing a really complicated situation in my head (Nicky Hagar, Pundit)

Nicky’s thoughts on the election result. Very thorough. I could devote weeks covering what he’s said. Instead, you can read it for yourself.



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