Morning Reading

Shearer gives team 12 months to shape up (Claire Trevett, NZ Herald)

Excellent. This is what we should be expecting of our caucus: they work hard and are rewarded for it.

Most Labour MPs are satisfied by Labour leader David Shearer’s first lineup – but he delivered the new rankings with a warning for the MPs to prove they were up to their jobs before a review after a year.

Kim Jong Phil [iTunes link] (The Egonomist)

It’s listening – not reading!

The Egonomist is the only political podcast in New Zealand I know of, which makes it the best! It’s rather good anyway – very funny and very informed. In this episode they discuss Kim Jong Il’s death, and the Labour leadership change. Just a quick word of warning, the language may be a little colourful for some, which is all part of the appeal as far as I’m concerned.

Lord Mandelson warns of dangers ahead for Labour leader (Nicholas Watt, The Guardian)

A very interesting piece regarding Mandelson’s thoughts on why Miliband isn’t getting traction.

“It’s not New Labour, he’s perfectly clear about that, but then he would say the circumstances and the conditions in Britain are not the same as they were when we were creating New Labour in the 1990s. Those were the days when markets were very much in fashion, the British economy and capitalist model of how we do things in this country seemed to be delivering, everyone’s incomes were eternally rising. They’re not now. And he believes that we need a different sort of social contract. Now there are dangers in developing that, but he has to navigate his way through, and I think 2012 is the year to do that.”

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