Most offensive ad of 2012 so far…

I’ve just returned from holiday and I’m starting to catch up with the news. In terms of politics, the only things of note are the Iowa caucuses have concluded (Mitt Romney won, Rick Santorum came a very close second, Michelle Bachman pulled out – full results here). In the UK, Ed Miliband seems to be coming under a bit of strife for making little traction in 2011.

However this is one incredible video. Certainly the most offensive attack ad I’ve seen in some time. It’s from Ron Paul’s campaign, and hits out at John Huntsman for being too close to China. Imagine if John Howard had tried something like this against Kevin Rudd in 2007…

1 thought on “Most offensive ad of 2012 so far…”

  1. Jon Huntsman’s response:

    Huntsman is by far the best Republican candidate on offer. I remember his appointment as Ambassador to China by the Obama Administration; commentators suggested that it was the democrats way of getting the future presidential candidate out of the picture. He has a track record of non-partisan performance based on national interests, not party politics.

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