Goff in his element

Say what you will about Phil Goff, and I’m sure that in the coming months and years we will see some interesting dissections of his leadership of the Labour Party. But no matter what you think of his leadership, you have to admit he is a very capable politician.

In the last few weeks, while most MPs have been doing anything but politics, Goff has got some runs on the board regarding his (not really) new portfolio, foreign affairs.

Firstly, he uncovered plans to scale back the Ministry, in particular by removing our only diplomatic mission in northern europe (Stockholm embassy to be closed, says Goff).

He’s now got his hands on an internal staff survey at the Ministry, which is damning to say the least (Leaked survey shows disillusionment among Foreign Affairs staff).

In my humble opinion, Goff’s finest moment in the last term of Parliament was his incredible speech on Afghanistan. Goff may not have been the leader we needed, but he’s still a very talented politician, with a huge passion for his portfolio.

More of this please Mr. Goff!


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