Yet another poll about asset sales

3 News have released another poll on the issue of asset sales. Their poll of 1000 people showed 62% disagreed with the Government selling off our assets, and 35% agreed.

This is off the back of a Te Karere poll of 1000 Maori voters showing 88% disapproval for the Government’s plans.

However, while these are recent polls, it’s not a new sentiment. Massey University did a poll last year that had 75.9% of responders disapproving of asset sales (it has to be noted they used a very different methodology though).

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Government reacts to such a consistent negative sentiment to one of it’s flagship policies, and then how the public reacts to that.

One thing is certain – the people of New Zealand do not want National and the Maori Party selling off their assets.

1 thought on “Yet another poll about asset sales”

  1. I wouldn’t call it a “flagship” policy. They hardly screamed and shouted about their plans to sell them during the campaign, however, they did talk about how they were going to spend the money quite a lot though, so much so that they decided they could spend each dollar two or three times!

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