We still don’t want to flog our farms off overseas…

Unsurprisingly, most New Zealanders still don’t want to sell our farms off overseas

A survey by pollsters UMR shows 70 per cent of Kiwis opposed the sale of the nearly 8000 hectare farming estate to overseas investors – regardless of nationality.

Good to hear that it’s not anti-Chinese sentiment.

…almost 90 per cent of those polled were aware of the Crafar farms sale and 70 per cent did not want a sale to foreigners.

That’s pretty conclusive!

1 thought on “We still don’t want to flog our farms off overseas…”

  1. I’m sorry, it’s very easy to say that you’re opposed to all farm sales when asked, but the frenzy that has arisen from the Crafar Farms is quite obviously related to the fact that the Chinese are buying it.

    I blogged about the fearmongering imagery used by Campbell Live about the Chinese, when they talked about the size of the Chinese currency reserves, with their red flag in the background and a 12-digit number in bold font – in a story about Crafar Farms. It was obviously designed to encourage or (play up to existing) fear of China and the Chinese economy.

    The fear not completely unreasonable, they have a billion people – that is a big economic force. But the reality is they are a player in a global economy, and so are we.

    An area at least the size of the Crafar Farms has been sold to Western investors (including Germans, who are investing quite a lot), without a peep from the media or anyone. So let’s not pretend the Chinese are irrelevant here please. It is only real ideologues that had a problem with it before Crafar and the Chinese were in the public consciousness.

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