Labour’s candidates for 2014

While recently I’ve been more interested in what’s been happening with Labor’s preselections for next year’s Victorian state election, the New Zealand Labour Party has also quietly started getting together its candidates for next year’s New Zealand general election.

As much as I can from afar, I hope to cover the candidate selection. If any aspiring Labour candidates want to publish a guest post, I’m happy to host it. And if anyone has any information on how the process is going and names that are coming up, please let me know.

After sending a tweet asking if the details of NZ Labour’s nomination process were on the party website, a kind volunteer emailed me the 2014 Candidate Nomination Pack.

It sets out (most of) the dates for the selections:

…we resolved to supercede all previous decisions on early selections, and to act on nominations for Parliamentary electorates and the Party List in 2014 as follows:

A to open nominations for the Labour Party list for the 2014 General Election on Monday 7th October 2013, closing Wednesday 30th April 2014;
B to open nominations for general electorates in the South and West Auckland, and Canterbury hub areas, and for any newly created electorates, following the initial iteration of the boundary review, by end November 2013;
C to open nominations for all other current Labour-held electorates on Monday 7th October 2013, closing Monday 31st March 2014; and
D to open nominations for all remaining current electorates on Monday 7th October 2013, closing on Friday 6th December 2013, subject to:

an adequate campaign plan being provided to me by Friday 8th November 2013;

a suitable candidate or candidates being available for nomination, to be reviewed by Friday 15th November; and

there being no significant boundary-related issues raised after the initial iteration of the boundary review.

The closing date would otherwise be liable to extension.

Interestingly, there is no listed closing date for group B, which opened in late November (but that date wasn’t specified either). Which is rather odd given that specific dates for group C & D electorates are listed, in fact last Friday was the closing date for nominations for group D electorates. If anyone has any information about who nominated for a group D electorate I’d be more than welcome to hear!


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  1. There is no mystery about the closing date for Group B. These were the electorates most likely to be affected by the boundary changes following the Census which had been delayed because of the Christchurch earthquake. After the provisional results came out late November we were able to set closing dates for South Auckland, West Auckland and Christchurch. Some of these will go ahead in February as they have not been greatly affected by boundary changes (Mangere, Manukau East and Manurewa). Had these selections been held before the boundary changes were released, we could have selected candidates for seats that didn’t exist, as is the case with Waitakere. Going too soon would also have disenfranchised those members living in the affected seats as only those members who live in the electorate get a determinative vote in the selection process. Also, given that our process is run by local electorate committees, it is not possible to run an election in a new seat till we have an LEC established. The provisional boundary changes are currently out for community consultation and the final boundary changes won’t be released till March or April.

  2. Hi Jill

    I think you’re missing the point, I have no criticism of the timings of the selections, and I do fully agree that the boundary changes will to a large degree dictate what the party does in that space.

    However, my issue has been the total lack of communication about the fact that the party is selecting candidates for the 2014 election. As a grassroots member, that is something that is pretty important to me. How can the NZ Council expect members to go campaign for candidates who they didn’t even know were selected?

    Try finding anything about it on the party website, Facebook page, Twitter account or any emails from head office or the leader, and let me know how you get on.


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