Grindr on Scottish independence

Check out this rather amusing use of Grindr as a very unscientific poll on Scottish independence. Some very funny responses…


Getting out the youth vote

A rather novel way to try and encourage people to vote…


The three seats challenge


I noticed a few tweets about this from the UK over the weekend, and a blog post today from UK Labour Councillor, and European candidate, Sanchia Alasia.

Basically, the three seats Labour challenge idea is that a large group of activists get together and pool their collective resources, with the aim of making as many voter contacts they can over one weekend, throughout three target Labour seats (for a good summary of UK Labour’s 106 target seats, read this).

This particular group of activists managed to contact over 1,500 voters in the target seats of Redbridge, Brighton and Hove and Crawley in one weekend. If they are to keep this up at a decent rate, perhaps once a month between now and the election in late 2015, they are sure to make a massive difference to the outcome of the next election.

Certainly a model worth looking at for elections on the other side of the globe.

You can keep up with the three seats challenge by following @lab3seats or #lab3seats on Twitter.

A rather good speech

Over summer I’ve been back in New Zealand, catching up with family, friends and some of my excellent former colleagues.

As well as talking about what we have to look forward to this coming year, and I have a few blog posts about this ready to go, we’ve been doing a bit of reminiscing. I’ve got a few things that have randomly come up in conversation to post, this is the first.

It is, I believe, Gordon Brown’s finest hour. It’s a speech he gave to Citizens UK three days before the 2010 election, following on from David Cameron and Nick Clegg at the same event. I’ve never been a huge Gordon Brown fan, but in this 10 minute speech, despite a stage invasion, he manages to passionately get across what it means to be Labour. Enjoy.



Forward, not back.

Just 18 months out from their next general election, the UK based blog published this excellent piece yesterday about how Labour needs to move forward, not look back, to be competitive in 2015.

With 18 months to go to the election it is obviously time to assign campaign roles and start finalising ideas for the manifesto. It is encouraging for Labour that so many talented figures seem ready to lend a hand. What is so far less clear is what the central thrust and tone of this campaign will be. It will be important not to refight old battles, or unthinkingly recycle old techniques. May 2015 will be different. It will involve a volatile electorate, reduced loyalty to the three old parties, the unknowable UKIP factor, and a media industry in some disarray. No-one has fought a UK election in circumstances quite like these before. Cutting through to sceptical, free-floating voters will require brilliant communication skills. “For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”, as St Paul said.

Some good advice for their antipodean comrades. I highly recommend reading the full post.

Lies, damned lies, and graphs.


Alastair Campbell on the Ralph Miliband/Daily Mail affair

Alastair Campbell is the master. Watch him demolish the Daily Mail’s Jon Steafel about the Daily Mail story about Ralph Miliband, the Labour leader’s father.